A Solution for Women with Dense Breasts

Earlier Detection is Key

What you need to know?

  • Every year 40 million women receive a mammogram.
  • 16 million of those women will have dense breast tissue
  • 80,000 of those 16 million women may have breast cancer and are unaware!!

Why is this the case?

  • 40% of women who have a mammogram have Dense Breast Tissue
  • The effectiveness of mammography is reduced when dense breast tissue is present
  • Women with dense breast tissue have a 4-6 times greater risk of developing breast cancer when compared to women with non-dense breast tissue

What is the solution?

  • By adding a supplemental 3D breast ultrasound to an annual mammogram for dense breast patients you can double your chances for an earlier diagnosis of breast cancer.

Comfort is our trademark!

  • The exam is a spa like experience
  • No compression, no radiation
  • Completely private as you lie down with a comfortable robe covering you.
  • Finished in under 15 minutes but you can hang around and enjoy a beverage in our beautiful lounge.


  • RDMS Registered Sonographers
  • Fellowship trained, board certified radiologists’
  • Great friendly staff.

SOFIA 3D Breast Ultrasound

Private Pay

  • The price for the SOFIA Ultra 3D scan is $250.00. We do not take insurance but provide an invoice that can be submitted to your insurance company for the purposes of reducing your deductible.